Well, how do we say this. Round 3 was the fiercest and most competitive event of the year. The battle for the lead raged on all weekend as the leaderboard constantly changed between Ryan Palazzolo, Brett Sherriff and Peter Major. Mechanical dramas, mind games, it was all there. In the end Ryan Palazzollo took out the event and won fastest outright  and fatest 4WD in Tuner Class with a staggering time of 1:01.3908 in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI.

Ryan’s Evo started life like any other street car and had it’s fair share of dramas, including  a head gasket problem only 2 days out from the event then a start motor, gearbox and oiling issue at the event! This made the time even more impressive! His main opponent was Brett Sherriff in the RX-7, a very well set-up and developed car, and they finished within 3/100ths of a second with a 1:01.4149, taking out 2WD in the Tuner Class.

The leaderboard for Tuner Class ended up like this:

1- Ryan Palazzolo  - Evo VI          1 :01.3908

2 – Brett Sherriff – RX-7                1:01.4149

3 – Pete Major – Evo                     1:02.6513

4 – Troy Wilson – Evo                    1:03.8077

5 – Rob Hoare                                1:03.9600

6 – Paul Brockbank – R33 GT-R    1:04.6284

7 – Gareth Simpson – Evo IX         1:05.1489

8 – Robert Turner – S15                 1:05.9027

9 – Simon Richards – R32               1:06.7902

10 – Mathew Edgar – WRX STi      1:07.0510

11 – Bradley Dean – R34                1:09.4028


In street class, Franz Esterbauer was the man to beat before the event had even started. His reputation was upheld after he took the outight and fastest 4WD win in Street Class with a 1:05.1489. This time was so fast that it also put him in 7th outright for the entire event! Beating a host of Tuner Class cars. Richard Gilmore was hot on his heels though in his R33 GT-R and only finished up less than 5/10ths of a second behind Franz. Jason Hallam also surprised a few people with his R31 Skyline taking out fastest 2WD in street class. Mathew Edgar was running 1:09′s in a borrowed car after his own STi wasn’t ready in time for the event, and he decided to switch to Tuner Class and see how much difference a set of R-comps would really make. 2 seconds around Barbagallo Raceway was the result! Here is the full result list for street class.

1 – Franz Esterbauer  -  Evo                          1:05.1489

2 – Richard Gilmore – GT-R                            1:05.5069

3 –  Alan Quan – Evo –                                     1:06.3220

4 – Jason Hallam  - R31 Skyline                    1:06.3833

5 – Andrew Soubertijis – Commodore         1:07.6949

6 – Chris Kostopoulos – Evo X                         1:08.0142

7 – Danny Williamson – R33 GTS-t                 1:08.3920

8 – George Eames – R33 GT-R                        1:09.1220

9 – Geoff Weir – WRX                                       1:09.6295

10 – Leon Wilken – S14                                    1:12.2378

11- Jason Un  - Evo IX                                       1:15.6936


All times can be found on the natsoft website  HERE