Brett was born and bred in Perth, the son of well-respected motorsport and automotive industry figure, Peter Wilkinson, Brett spent his weekends and spare time alongside his father and brother Todd, helping in the family business and learning all he could about racing cars, and also competition.  It was inevitable Brett would follow in the footsteps of his father’s motorsport heritage, and at 15, had his first taste behind the wheel, and equally, his first taste of racing success in karting. In a sport often hailed as the breeding ground for some of the world’s best Formula 1, and more locally, V8 Supercar drivers, and at the back of a 35 deep field, Brett rose to the occasion, bringing home a win at his debut event.

The rest of his year was equally as successful, and saw the relatively unknown youngster turn into a well-known performer, earning a podium at the Australian National Karting Championships in his rookie year. Going from strength to strength, Brett continued to compete in kart racing nationally with much success, claiming many titles alongside the likes previous V8 Supercar drivers Dean Fiore, Michael Patrizi, and Karl Rindler.
In 2000, after two successful national campaigns in karting and a hearty list of records and titles under his belt, Brett decided to make the step up from karting to sports cars under the guidance of his father. Despite not being old enough to hold a driver’s license, Brett quickly gained familiarity with his new racing car, something attributed not just to the talent already displayed in karting, but also his familiarity with cars given his experience with his father in the family business.

Participating in autokhanas, a discipline which challenges drivers ability to control the car at speed in a variety of situations, Brett again impressed in his debut year setting considerable fast times given his relative inexperience behind the ‘big’ wheel. However, after a stellar start to his career and at only 17 and fresh out of school, Brett made the difficult but mature decision to place business priorities over racing, and took the step from behind the wheel, to behind the scenes at Wilkinson’s Suspension. It was during this time that Brett became involved with show cars, striking a balance between the artistic interests he displayed during his schooling years, and the automotive industry he was familiar with. Expressing his talents when it came to anything automotive, Brett built a number of cover page show cars, including one of the Top 5 best cover cars of all time for Hot4s magazine and quickly rose to prominence in the show car scene.

Although Brett enjoyed creating art through the show cars, it was much more than just a hobby. He sought to create awareness of the family business, and used his show cars as testaments of their work. During this time, he traveled extensively to the USA, familiarizing himself with, and becoming inspired by the show car and race car scene there. Implementing what he learnt, Brett was invited to guest judge at Autosalon in 2007 –  an event that drew together the nation’s most prestige show cars.

Due to his unsurpassed experience in almost every aspect of the automotive industry, Brett was later appointed head judge and a member of the organizing committee. Progressing in a similar fashion but with a different product, that of the sport of drifting, Brett is responsible for the Australian Drifting Grand Prix series, and brought the first ever international leg of the Formula Drift Asia series to Australian shores in 2013 all alongside the full time role he still holds in the family business.

Brett has amassed a reputation in the automotive industry not just as suspension specialist in his own right, but as an events manager, and now sought after by name.