2012 Driver’s Promotional Video Package

Statement from Motive DVD:

Media exposure is a very important part of motorsport. It helps drivers connect with fans and look after their sponsors, helping their racing campaign. Professional media coverage isn’t cheap though, so we are proud to announce as part of our partnership with the Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting Grand Prix, we will be offering promotional video packages for drivers at very affordable prices.


Thanks to our parent company, Jet Multimedia, producing the ADGP TV shows, we already have access to a large database of footage and only require small amounts of extra staff and equipment to put together tailored promo videos for drivers.


For $550 including G.S.T we will put together a 3-5 minute video of a driver from a round of ADGP. The video will include interview, on-board cameras as well as footage from our cameramen around the track throughout the weekend. We also provide royalty free music and a graphics package, making for a professional and polished product. We can also include one sponsors logo into the graphics.


Not only do we produce the video for you to use and supply it in email, youtube and full res format, we also help you promote your video with the following:


- Inclusion into a Motive DVD

- Inclusion onto the Motive DVD youtube channel

- Post of video on Motive DVD and ADGP websites and facebook pages.


This will help your video be viewed by thousands of people, a great statistic for sponsorship support. A Motive DVD ADGP Driver’s Promo Video Package must be purchased no later than 2 weeks before an event and the finished video will be provided within 4 weeks. Only limited packages are available for each round so don’t delay! Fill out the purchase form right away.


Purchasing forms are available right here:  MOTIVE DVD ADGP DRIVER PROMO PURCHASE FORM


And here is an example of one from Round 3 in 2012.