We are proud to announce that “Drifters Unleashed will be sponsoring the Extreme Entry Competition at each round of ADGP in 2012. They will be supplying a trophy and a prize for the winner, who they will judge, and all of the footage from the extreme entry competitions will be making it’s way into Drifters Unleashed DVD #2, which will be released at the end of 2012.


If you havn’t heard of, or seen, Drifters Unleashed DVD the recipe is quite simple. They hire the track and let Australia’s best drifters loose with no officials, no rules and no limits. Some have likened it to a “drifting version of Krusty Demons.” It’s a great chance for drifters to drive outside of a competition environment and drive purely for fun. The first DVD was a sell-out and a new production batch is being put together now which you can buy online or at ADGP events in 2012.