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With no real national series during 2009 and 2010, we decided to have only one class in 2011 for the Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting Grand Prix. This method worked well in 2011 but one concern many drivers had looking forward to 2012 was difficulty in attaining sponsorship when they couldn’t guarantee being in the Top-32 and making it onto TV. Another concern was grass roots drifters being intimidated by drifting against some of the veterans. To address both of these concerns we have introduced two categories. Pro class and Privateer class.



Pro Class is the main game. Where drivers fight it out to be crowned the number one drifter in Australia. Pro Class will have 32 fixed spots at each round, guaranteeing sponsored drivers a place in the tandem battle eliminations and in media coverage. Pro Class will have practice and qualifying on Saturday and competition on Sunday, with a Top 16 drivers parade. Pro Class will be televised and receive most of the media coverage. First preference will be given to registered drivers and then it will be first in, best dressed for the remaining spots. Entries for registered will open Monday 6th February and close Friday 30th March. SIngle entries will open approximately 2 months before each round.


Pro Class is for sponsored and experienced drivers. Any entry that is paid by a sponsor, or any driver that receives monetary or tyre sponsorship MUST compete in Pro Class. Also, any driver that has competed in other state or national events in a “pro” level, or finished in the Top-10 at any ADGP event in 2011 MUST also compete in Pro Class.


Pro Class will have a few extra regualations including:

- All drivers must wear a one piece race suit while driving

- All vehicles  must be fitted with a fixed bucket seat and 4-point harness

- Cars must be of an acceptable appearance for television coverage. No primer or rust paint paint finishes and cars must start the event with all panels intact



Privateer class is where up and coming drivers can show what their made of to the fans and potential sponsors. Privateer class will have a maximum of 32 spots at each round and practice, qualifying and the Top 32 to Top 8 battles will be run on the Saturday. The Top-4 and Finals for Privateer Class will be held on the competition day alongside Pro Class. Privateer Class cars can not have a naming right sponsor and, as such, will not be referred to over commentary.


Privateer class will receive trophies and prizes at each round but will not be run as a full championship. Privateer class will use the same judges and criteria as Pro class.



The registered drivers program is designed to look after drivers/teams that are committing to the entire season. It not only provides a discount of 15% by paying for the season up front but also gives drivers and their sponsors a range of benefits including:

- Guaranteed drivers profile feature in ADGP TV Show coverage

- Driver profile on ADGP website with list of sponsors and car details

- Press releases in news feed on ADGP website

- Premium garage space at each event

- Inclusion on ADGP registered drivers poster used for autograph session

- Discounts on tickets for sponsors

- Inclusion in ADGP print and video advertising


Entries for the registered drivers program will open Monday 6th Of February and close Friday 30th March. Drivers who enter the registered drivers program will not be penalised for not attending any rounds. This means drivers who want the exposure but can not attend every round can still benefit from the program.


For any more information contact info@trackbattle.com.au