Australian Drifting Grand Prix is proud to announce Driftmob have come on board as our NSW affiliated car club! Driftmob’s enthusiasm and commitment to the motor sport in the country is great and goes hand in hand with our grass roots association with the added professionalism that Driftmob brings to the table.

Driftmob Car Club is an organization created to provide motor sport enthusiasts membership of a professional club to meet and discuss their hobby and passion and also attend drifting events organized by Driftmob car club. Driftmob prides itself in aiming to minimize illegal street activity by providing affordable venues for members to use their vehicles in a controlled, regulated and safe environment. Over the last 3 years they have organized events at reputable venues such as Eastern Creek Raceway, Narimba Tafe and Oran Park Race Way. Their experience and expertise is not only limited to organizing drift events but also provide drifting lessons to motor enthusiasts wanting to learn the art of Drifting.


“We happy to see a series of this scale in Australia and we are excited to be on board and support the series and the Australian Drifting Grand Prix team in any way we can. We have been on the Australian drift scene for years now and we are all pumped to see it take off again! Andrew and Amy are doing a great job and we all can’t wait to get out the first event in Melbourne, myself and all the crew will be heading down to compete and help out with the event.” – Sam Tabbouch, Driftmob Car Club President.


Driftmob will be supporting the infamous Anthony Bilic in his S13 to compete as a Series Registered Driver!


For more info on Driftmob check out their website –